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Our Sponsors

Vom og Hundemat

The dogs eat only the best food - meat from "Vom og Hundemat" of course!


Swix Sport AS

I got the margins on my side with clothing, wax and poles from Swix.


Shimano Nordic

A dear sponsor who not only keeps my bike and kickbike in function, but also provides me with shoes, clothes and bikegear.


Hakle AS

Hakle AS

Hakle driver med bedriftsrådgivning og annen administrativ rådgivning.

De har vært en viktig sponsor for meg gjennom mange år.

Non-stop Dogwear

My sponsor on dog equipment. With equipment from Non-stop my dogs can move freely while pulling, and I know we have the best and most updated Products on the market.


Pearl Izumi

Shimano is importer for Pearl Izumi in Norway.

High quality and comfortable clothes and shoes that I am happy to use.



Giro is also imported by Shimano, and provides me with new helmets :-)

With Giro on my head I'll be safe, even how clumsy I can get sometimes:-)


Adidas Eyewear

My eyes have the best and most comfortable protection with glasses from Adidas.


Milsluker'n Sport AS

A sportshop in Oslo, sponsor and my old job.

Helps me with all kinds of different equipment.


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